Career advice on becoming a Fine Jewellery Design Apprentice

I’m Gabriela and I work for cleave company at Victoria and I man jewelry apprentice in school for GCSE I did jewelry so I actually had two years of experience

before I did the foundation course here which is really nice because I don’t think many people get the chance to actually do jewellery design as for GCSE it was a nice experience I think I always enjoyed more creative subjects like art and design I was never like into math or English

I was thinking to go to university because the school was pushing people to go to university and you know you just need to fill the you cast form and it was just they didn’t really introduce anything else I think the school were more focused on people going to do like law and stuff like this so there wasn’t many opportunities for creative people I was thinking to do interior design at university so

I did apply and I got in and then my teacher told me about this foundation course through the golden of Center and he helped me fill the form for and I got him they didn’t do a jewelry designer friendship before I mean hey we got we got to do like mounting and silversmithing and different things but i don’t really like I liked it but I think design was always the thing I want to do the best bits when I actually designed something and it’s being made and then someone is varying it and someone’s really like happy

I think schools should really introduce it to young people more information about apprenticeships definitely I think it’s like one of the best things when I speak to my friends that go to university now and I tell them that I go to work and I get paid for it and we go like are you serious and no one in my family was creative or so don’t know where I got it from I think for example my master can teach me like the skills how to do it but you can’t really teach me like to be creative so when I get older they pass on the the information they got from my master I think it would be really nice to see someone else like doing the same thing that I do now

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