Cork Board Jewellery Organizer

all right here is my jewellery organizer that I organised my earrings and necklaces on it was originally picture frame that.

i didn’t use because i mean i was bowled him board on it and I didn’t have anything to put on my bulletin board so I just changed it into a jeweller all.

I did focus like get the back and it’s just like this mesh rubber stuff that you usually put in your kitchen in your kitchen to UM prevent your dishes from sliding so.

I just basically put that on the back of it took the glass out nor stages all right you can see it’s on the back and then super hot glued it on there that was sloppy job but nobody’s the back and I took the back piece of the whole thing off.

and then she’s being held up on push pins and then i have my cork board gluten board and earrings they just just take him out push them in then I just have cleared Pushkin’s there’s building my necklaces and it’s really simple like it doesn’t even take five minutes it’s really all.

we need to do um and you could really make this yourself just go to hobby lobby and get a bulletin board and just attach your earrings to it and then just use a regular picture frame for your longer ranks so this isn’t really a tutorial but you pretty much can get the gist of how to make it so thank you for watching

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