How Much To Pay For stylish Costume Jewellery

All women and even some men love jewellery and nothing makes a better gift. The question always seems to be how much to spend and what costume jewellery is worth.

Simple trinkets can be found everywhere. Street side vendors, swap meets, and numerous stores carry cheap costume jewellery. This stuff is usually not worth buying and may break before it’s even worn. It is usually made of thin, cheap metal or plastic and comes with no warranty what so ever. If you are buying a gift I would pass on this unless it is for a very young teen or a child.

You have some that may look real but is still very cheap. It is usually painted with gold color paint and may cause severe allergic reactions in some people. At the very least it may well turn your skin to a nice shade of green or any other number of colors. As a gift it is really only well suited for a friend or a teenager who may lose it or only wear it a few times anyway. If given as a gift I would be up front about it being costume jewellery.

For really good costume jewelry you are going to pay as much or more than you would for the real stuff. This will usually be at least gold plated or silver and have cubic zirconia (CZ) as replacement for the gem stones. This is jewelry that most people won’t be able to tell is not real without a trained eye. What this jewellery is for is to look great and not cost as much as a piece that was genuine would.

One reason towards buying stylish costume jewellery is to prevent theft. Most people who are looking to make easy money won’t bother with it unless they think they will be able to pass it off as real and that isn’t very easy to do especially with buyers who know about jewellery. You might also go with the costume jewellery if you are afraid of losing it or if it is for someone who is known to lose items like this often. It may save you a bundle when replacing it or at least some guilt over losing it.

You can find costume jewellery just about anywhere you look for it. They even have special sites on the internet that sell it for weddings and proms for when you need to look good but can’t afford to spend a lot.

What ever your reason for wanting to buy stylish costume jewellery and no matter the price range you are sure to find something to fit your needs. For the simple to the extravagant costume jewellery is available just about anywhere.

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