Jewellery and Silversmithing – Design for Industry – Amy Roberts

hi I’m Amy Roberts and I studied during silversmithing design for industry at burning City University I looked at a lot of different universities went to

other open days and found that the workshops and facilities there are check for they’re so much better than anywhere else the teaching staff are really good

we have stores downstairs we also have casting service in school a plating service in the school and laser cutting machine which is really good to making and point of sales to put your people we have on our quest their design for industry we have a laptop Beach

which has software’s that will we need for do our design work like metric and rhino delcam designer adobe photoshop carl and adobe illustrator we have loads of different sellers on our laptops so we’re really good up sir like what we need to do is the industry they were up to speed sometimes ahead of the industry in part one of the bonuses of being at Birmingham is that

it has the gooey quarter and the jewelry school is based in the center of the jewellery quarter and you have all the casters and the stone cesses and stones and all the tools and everything like right on your doorstep Invictus I some of the experiences had on this course the hit can be course which I started out which was a two year course we had live projects with companies actually in the industry using the software’s and creating to a brief which is really good for what I want to go into the industry you

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