Jewellery Design Process – Hand Drawn Jewellery Sketches – CAD & CAM

design is a really important part of what we do at Timothy Rho every piece of jewelry we make starts with the design process customers typically come to us with a rough idea of what they want but need help visualizing it

this is where our designers step in and translate their idea into something visual using the basic tools of pen paper and color pencils are skilled designers we usually create around seven or eight different designs based on the customer’s original idea

these sketches are then emailed to the customer for approval once the favorite design is selected we can move on to the next step computer-aided design sometimes known as CAD our CAD designers translate the pen and pencil sketch into a virtual ring the image of this is then emailed to our customers as well when we receive the okay to go ahead and make up the ring

the next step is computer-aided manufacture often referred to as camp C a.m. we use to wrap a prototyping machines that print in wax the wax parts produced by the machines are an exact one-to-one scale model of the designs completed in the previous step computer-aided design the waxes are cleaned and prepared for castings and in this time they can also be viewed in the shop and give a great idea of what the finished piece of jewelry will look like for more on the next step look for our video about casting

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