cameroon has a new inspiration his name’s christian lambo and he’s one of the country’s first accredited jewelry designers but it’s a craft

he couldn’t learn in his home country to the shabalala caught up with him in johannesburg south africa an award-winning jewelry designer for years ago christian lambo had no idea

how far he would come but he knew he loved jewelry for thousands of years men and women have adorned themselves with it in Africa jewelry is a passion for many but it’s difficult to make a career out of it Christian came to South Africa in 2008 to learn the art of making jewelry

he couldn’t speak read or write English but he was determined to make it I was given an opportunity to carry on on medicine or jewelry design so I’ve decided to turn my curiosity to a jewelry design because it’s a new field in Cameroon there’s no jury design in Cameroon lambo says is inspired by mother nature and his medium of expression silver his work is about organic lines and a meticulous I for detail that passion won the teenager the top accolade at this year’s to trigger jewelry design awards

they’re part of an initiative to encourage emerging designers we have given them a chance by identifying their talent and developing us to actually get in touch with their own inherent creativity to become great rulers and what did his win mean for Christian hey Korea for my future I think this is actually a new beginning for yes Christian Lambo has come a long way but his true test will be opening his own company in Cameroon where he’ll be giving aspiring jewelry designers a chance he never had on home soil tule Shabalala Johannesburg

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