Killer Jewelry Store Marketing Tips

hey guys Jimmy to grow it here the jewelry marketing guy and this is the first in our series of killer marketing for your jewelry store

I’m gonna teach you how to do exactly what I did and that’s take a jewelry store hovering right around a million dollars in sales and more than triple that volume with great marketing great people great jewelry store and all kinds of things but you know what the thing is we’re gonna talk mainly about marketing in this series okay the first thing that

you need to do is you need to define what winning means to you what does a win mean when do you know when you’ve won and that is let’s get some things on paper whether that is financial profit maybe it’s the number of engagement rings you want to sell in a month or in a year maybe it is maybe it’s defining it’s your ideal store what do we want to do what do we do we want to be the bridal king of our of our market do we want to be the bead king of our market do we want to be the custom king of our market define exactly what you want to become and say put that out five years where do you want to be in five years what do you want to own in five years in terms of your market get that down on paper

finally talk about your life get down on paper what you want your life to be like do you want to perhaps are you an owner that’s working on the bench and setting gemstones all the time do you want to get off the bench and you want to get out on the sales floor define what your life looks like maybe you want to work 20 hours a week and you want to empower manager a good sales manager to run your store for you and you want to work more on bigger picture stuff whatever it is define that or perhaps you’re a sales person and you want to do less of this and you want to do more of that and say

for example you want to you want to concentrate more on selling to people or maybe you want to be even outside the store doing more networking whatever that is get that goal down on paper because it’s gonna be huge you know I learned a long time ago if you don’t put it on paper if you don’t get it on black and white in front of you you’ll never achieve the goal because you know what if we don’t have a target to go after we’re gonna miss it because we don’t have anything to go after so that is the first and probably one the biggest steps and having great marketing for your stores look at where you’re at and then look at where you want to be define where you want to be and get your goals down on paper

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