Silver Soldered Filigree Jewelry Part One

hi this is mano with the gorge connection now thank you for joining my presentation here is a little section of a page out of my sketchbook or

I try to create designs that I want to work into filigree style basically you’ll need a stock roll of silver filigree wire which is available at Rio Grande a wire cutter a ruler and a sharpie marking pen here’s a close-up of the stock number in case

you want to order with the phone number there as well it’s not available in the catalog but if you email them or enter that product number into an order sheet or call them they’ll get it right out to you here are some basic samples of some shapes of filigree work to be used

combined to create the filigree effect have a little bottle of flux with a needle applicator on the left a torch on the right a sheet of silver solder in the center with tin snips and here you see my charcoal block with a little pile of right on the right of little bits of solder a pick for the solder some flux and here is my favorite flux in Rio Grande comm

you can get much smaller containers of that up front and I suggest that you do because one quart is going to last me for a long time on the left it’s a pickle pot where I have silver prep to remove the char from the silver after I torched it a cool bowl of water on the right to rinse you start with some 16 gauge twisted silver wire and I cut a six-inch piece with a wire cutter

then I mark that with a sharpie and exactly cut to pieces three inches in length then those two pieces are bent offset so that the tips do not meet in the middle mark them with a sharpie and bend them exactly in the same place it doesn’t really matter where as long as they don’t meet up exactly then take a round nose plier and roll a scroll at the end of each wire so that you have beautiful little check marks with scrollwork and that will be the main frame for your wire this is a rotary tumbler where you’ll burnish and polish your product your design at the very end to make it really beautiful and shiny this is the end product if what you get when it comes out of the tumbler plus I’ve added a drop with a freshwater pearl and thank you for watching part 1 of my tutorial

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