Sterling Silver Bangles

Sparkle in the New Year With Sterling Silver Bangle


Among the choice materials for jewelry for men and women, sterling silver is rather popular because of its affordability and flexibility when it comes to design. It has a certain class that appeals to both sexes and may be used for both casual and formal events. Sterling silver is also slightly more malleable than gold so it’s easier to form into varied shapes and inter-twined with other materials for versatile and one of a kind designs. Theres over a thousand silver bangles for sale on trade me.

Sterling silver is usually made into necklaces, earrings and rings. Sterling silver necklaces can be made of thin silver chains usually adorned with a classy pendant or stone. They may also be multi-layer necklaces set with your favorite birthstones or crystals. Sterling silver earrings also have the potential to be many things. Sterling silver rings might be simple from a thin band with little engraving or it may be complex as a three-finger ring. Whatever your design, whether you can see it from a store or you want it custom made by a jeweler or a freelance artist.

Another favorite silver piece of jewelry is the sterling silver bangles. For men, it might be a classic thick band of silver and engraved with a classic design. It’s very manly and well-suited for the modern man. You may even pair it with a matching ring to complete the ensemble. Women are more versatile with silver bangles. They could wear just one piece. It’s your choice whether it’san ornate thick band or a thin plain band depending on their mood, their attire or the occasion. Or, they may choose to combine several sterling silver bangles to create a definite focal point.

Sterling silver bangles may also be worn on the arm, rather than on the wrist, especially for women, who have chosen to wear a sleeveless dress. This combination of sterling silver and a stunning dress creates a dramatic fashion piece that is sure to attract the attention of the bystanders in the event you’re attending.

Just remember to maintain your sterling silver jewelry clean after using and keep it away from moisture to prevent tarnishing so you can use it for a longer period of time.

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