Types of Necklaces

If you want your jewelries to enhance your appearance, you must make sure that you have purchased pieces that look good on you. Additionally, you must also know which piece of jewelry complements the outfit you are wearing perfectly. These facts stand true for all kinds of ornaments, including necklaces. You may be buying a necklace or pendant from your favorite jewelry to gift it to someone you love or might be buying it for yourself the points mentioned above should always be kept in mind.

Experts define necklaces as chains built from precious metals or gems, which may or may not come with pendants. The pendant style necklaces are those that possess a single charm, pearl or jewel that usually hangs from a metal chain. Another different types of necklaces you will come across is pearl strands. Read through the section below to know which type of necklace will look best on you.

Metal Chains

Metal chains can be worn with all kinds of outfit. For instance, if you have a platinum chain in your collection, you will be able to wear it with a gorgeous evening gown as well as your regular short dress. You will look great in both combinations. A gold chain or a chain made from sterling silver can be equally versatile.

Pearl Strands

These necklaces can come with one or multiple strands of pearl. If you are wearing an off-shoulder gown, you should opt for double or multiple strand sets. However, for dresses with smaller neckline, you should wear single-strand sets. Besides picking the right kind of necklace, you must also ensure that the necklace you are purchasing from the jewelry store has the right length. Which length will work best for you is decided based on the kind of dress you will be wearing. If the outfit you are wearing has a broad neckline or is an off-shoulder piece, you can go for longer necklaces. Dresses with smaller neckline however should be coupled with necklaces that are smaller in length.