Viren Bhagat: Jewellery Designer

I used to watch my father as a child when he should draw especially when I was at school I should just watch in amazement because he would barely take the pencil off the paper we just want smooth lines and it finished the drawing it’s funny that all the years

when I started drawing and you know evolve as designer I have the same habit of drawing and making these you know the pencils so sharp I need a sharp mentions because my drawings are so precise they are architectural in many ways most of my free time I’m always sketching and putting ideas on paper right and the ideas can come from anywhere and sometimes I use my reference books like you

see around me but we you know textiles it could be architecture it could be miniature paintings all kinds of things you know fascinate me having said that today it generally begins with the stone because I buy all kinds of gemstones and most of the time when I buy the stone I’ve already decided on the stone is already dictated what is going to become how it’s going mounted it’s like we speak to each other like I’ve decided to buy a sapphire for example I bought a sapphire and I already decided this was a perfect for ring and that’s what it’s going to become there’s no hesitation or

there is no you know two two ways about that I only deal with precious stuff I was exposed to that at a very early age because my father and forefathers only dealt with precious stones so it’s mainly you know diamonds rubies sapphires emeralds natural pearls and that’s it and that’s all those stones I used so it’s a ways limited palette the copy of the drawing is given to the craftsmen with the gemstones sometimes stones up missing we will acquire them later and I explained to him how the jewel is suppose we made so he follows that and at every stage he comes back and asked me for my opinion see how is he on the right track and of course final test is when it’s completely to place from my drawing and

see it’s always perfect this is the scale drawing the pencil drawing which I’ve done but if one has to place the jewel on the joint you see it exactly to scale so we mount a jewel mainly in platinum and sometimes in gold but most of diamond platinum not to be questioned because platinum is not an easy metal to work with they are not many jewels around the world who work in platinum there are a lot of metals people use titanium and Rand is very old-school and we cut the stones question for the design which is very rare here as you can see this is designed as a moving sloth you have these blossoms like puppies stylized puppies and here we’ve cut the diamond petals specially for the design the flat like glass which is a technique which is extremely difficult it requires great skill I think that there’s no modern design coming out of India jewelry ones I probably am one of the first few to come up with something unique with an Indian identity but investors can relate to today you know I think 70% of our clients are formal so there is a resonance in the West with what we do that bigger is unique is you need to ask nobody else does it and I think that sets us apart from the rest you

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